Liquid ink is where it’s at

Liquid ink writing is unlike any other. The free flow of ink onto the page is most rewarding to us fountain pen writers. This is the foundation behind the Ink Pen. The fountain pen features a Schmidt stainless steel nib commonly found on $250 pens. American Pen Company wanted to bring this nib to the market at a dramatically lower price. This indestructible capped fountain pen can reside safely in pocket or purse. The Schmidt Ink Ball is a marvel of technology. Simply insert a standard international cartridge and you’re set to go. Even better, choose any ink in your stock and fill a converter. Having a handy roller ball pen with any liquid ink you wish is a treat you really need to enjoy. Plus, Ink Ball will happily exist without its cap for hours; no clogging and instant start-up is assured.

Minimalist Ink Pen

Ink Ball $109

Fountain Pen $119


Discover Schmidt’s Ink Ball technology

When we introduced the Independence in a fountain pen and rolling point, we also engineered it to accept Schmidt’s ingenious Ink Ball technology. Imagine being able to use pure liquid ink. Even better, you can choose among the 10 vibrant colors we offer. Or, use the converter and dip into your own personal favorite inks. The American Pen Company Ink Ball takes any common international size cartridge.

APC Independence Ink Ball

Specify Black Chrome or Gold

Ink Ball $205

Who do you love?


Meet the Minimalist from American Pen Company. It’s designed to channel your inner thoughts into amazing prose. It just happens to also have the world’s smoothest writing liquid ink refill. The Special Edition Minimalist Gift Set has 5 Note Cards and envelopes. Your handwritten note of thanks or love goes a long, long way. Your always there, dependable, new BFF.

APC Minimalist Special Edition Gift Set

Includes 5 note cards/envelopes, leather Pen Sheath

Liquid Ink Ballpoint  or 5.6mm Pencil

Specify Black, Red, Tan or Natural $79

Liquid Ink Ballpoint refills $2.50

5.6mm Highlighting refills 3 pack $15

Made in America

By design

Our collective years of experience buying, selling, and servicing fine writing instruments have ingrained us an intuitive understanding of the qualities discerning customers seek in a fine pen. APC’s design and engineering standards for use, appearance, and durability were calibrated to exceed even the most demanding of these expectations. 

The resin we use was chosen for its superior strength, and then milled to precise specifications. The metal used for the frame is no less than stainless steel. Every pen’s major stress point—the clip—has been designed to take any amount of punishment thrown its way.

What makes for a ‘fine writing’
ballpoint pen?

The refill in your pen main is the main source of writing pleasure. To that end, we have engineered our ballpoint pen to take any one of three different technologies (GEL and Liquid

ballpoints inks as well as a traditional rollerball) to allow you to choose exactly the line you want in the precise color and point size you desire. When in our checkout you will be asked to choose your favorite refill. Take your time as you have an amazing 29 choices. All of which will fit perfectly into your APC Independence twist-top action ballpoint pen.

Why not an eco-friendly benefit?

The Independence is packed and shipped in its  own Beetle Kill Pine Pen Rest. We thought, why not design the packaging to be something useful for you while at the same time good for our environment? We use recycled pine normally headed for a Colorado incinerator.

When we sought to create our Independence collection we benchmarked the world’s highest rated brands as well as our personal favorites. The Independence Twist-Top ballpoint exceeds our target qualities even when compared to pens as high as $450. We proudly stand behind our Made in the U.S.A. products and invite you to compare our quality too. We think you will be very proud of your ‘hometown’ pen company. We feel so confident that you’ll love our instruments we offer a money back guarantee.

Independence Twist-Top 

Ballpoint $195

Specify Black Chrome, Gold or Chrome

What do you desire most in a fountain pen? Perfect balance, a durable scratch resistant finish, a clip designed to never break; ever. How about a fluid nib that lays down your thoughts effortlessly. Well, you are among friends here. We've specified the best stainless steel and 18k nibs money can buy. Produced in Germany, under our specifications. These nibs are guaranteed performers. 

Choose your nib

Think wool versus cashmere—both get the job done, but whereas wool is durable and long-lasting, cashmere is one step finer and more luxurious. A more firm or less-experienced hand will likely prefer the reliability of stainless steel; a soft, flexible gold nib may better suit a lighter touch. You can choose fine, medium or broad in our 18k nib. Or, choose the steel nib and add the extra 

fine to your choices. Every pen comes with a converter for using bottled ink. 

APC Independence
Capped Fountain Pen Steel Nib $245

Extra fine, fine, medium or broad
Specify Black Chrome, Gold or Chrome

APC Independence
Capped Fountain Pen
18k Gold Nib $335

Fine, medium or broad
Specify Black Chrome, Gold or Chrome

Place the pen's cap upon your desktop and begin to write with your new Independence two piece rolling point. Immediately, you will notice the fluid motion which is aided by the pen's perfect balance. This balance in part comes from the precise location and thickness of the black matte grip. Cool to the touch and ever-lasting it falls comfortably to hand. 

When you replace your cap you'll notice the strong gravitational pull of the rare earth magnets. By utilizing these ingenious magnets we were able to bypass the cutting of easy to wear out threads. Some have said the magnets are entertaining. We'd say functional. Just like the CNC machined clip cut from solid stainless steel designed to never break, or the 21st century scratch resistant finish we've applied. 

APC Independence
Capped Rolling Point $205

Specify Black Chrome, Gold or Chrome