Who We Are

There are moments in life worth pausing for: an opportunity to memorialize a timeless relationship, a brilliant thought that needs capturing or a journal entry that can tell the story of a generation.

The classic handwritten note has evolved in today’s high-tech society, and American Pen Company has evolved with it, proudly introducing the product of a modern manufacturing process.

The Independence Collection, our first, is the product of that journey; a line of pens unlike anything else on the market. Each is cut from resins and high quality stainless steel and then vapor coated in the jewelry grade finish of your choice. You choose your ink technology and then your color and point size; our world is not a black medium point. Neither is yours.

After you choose your pen, your way, it will be packed into an eco-friendly box made of Colorado Beetle Kill Pine that doubles as your pen rest and shipped.

We invite you to join us in the creation of a legacy as we combine the oldest known human art with the mechanical advantages of modern society; a fine quality writing instrument that’s Made Here, exactly the way you want it.

In an exhaustive evaluation of today’s market for fine writing instruments, we found ourselves faced with one overwhelming question: Why can’t we manufacture a high quality instrument here, in America? And when we set out to answer that question, we realized: we can. So we have.

Each star signifies a new point of pen production within the U.S.