• Ballpoint Writing

    What makes for a
    ‘fine writing’ ballpoint pen?

    The refill in your pen main is the main source of writing pleasure. To that end, we have engineered our ballpoint pens to take one of three different technologies; GEL and Liquid ink as well as a traditional standard oil based. This allows you to choose exactly the line you want in the precise color and point size you desire. When selecting additional refills, take your time, as you have an amazing amount of choices. All of which will fit perfectly into your APC Independence twist-top ballpoint pen or our indestructible Minimalist ballpoint. Let’s start filling that pencil cup!

    Independence Two Piece Capped Ballpoint $205
    Independence Twist Top $195
    Minimalist Ballpoint $79

  • Fountain Pen Writing

    American Made Fountain Pens

    Liquid ink writing is unlike any other. The free flow of ink onto the page is most rewarding to us fountain pen writers. This is the foundation behind the Minimalist Ink Pen and our Independence fountain pen.

    These fountain pens feature a German made Schmidt steel nib commonly found on $250 - $450 pens. 

    American Pen Company wanted to bring this nib to the market in a pen at a dramatically lower price. The Minimalist is an indestructible capped fountain pen that can reside safely in pocket or purse. The body is machined from a solid rod of Stainless Steel. It can take any amount of abuse and still be a high-performance writer. Simply insert a standard international cartridge and you’re set to go. Even better, choose any ink in your stock and fill with a converter. Those simple two ball bearings prevent the Minimalist from rolling away.

    The APC Independence is more suited to the executive suite. Crafted from a solid bar of resin and then covered in a proprietary coating it’s guaranteed to be the highlight of every meeting. Handcrafted in America, it can be compared to others at twice the price. An ingenious magnetic capping system eliminates a weak point of many pens; the threads. The clip is made from a solid bar of steel to ensure it never breaks. Independence ships with a custom-made Colorado Beetle Kill Pine Pen Rest. Crafted from recycled wood, by hand, right here in Colorado.

    Independence Fountain Pens $245 - $335
    Minimalist Fountain Pens $99

  • Sketch Pencil and Highlighting

    Arts and Sciences

    Hah? Well, our 5.6 mm Minimalist sketch pencil happens to be a favorite of some customers for its easily adjusted graphite refill. Its nice thick size allows for gradual contrasting as well as tight lines when going from a pencil sketch to filling in all the shading in your drawing.

    Studying Salvation

    The APC 5.6 mm Highlighter allows for readers to choose from three colors and highlight pages without any thought to bleed through. Even the lightest paper like Bible text won’t be affected by the 5.6 mm highlighting refill. Choose your favorite color and load one up.

    Minimalist Pencil $79

  • Liquid Ink Ball Writing

    Liquid Ink writing for ¼ the cost

    Since 1945, Americans have favored the ‘ballpoint’ writing mode. Even today, 60% of ‘fine writing instruments’ are the ballpoint variety. Why? It’s cheap and convenient. But is it really the least expensive way to write with a ‘ballpoint’ tip?

    “You can’t afford NOT to buy this!”

    Choose our Ink Ball technology and writing just became significantly less costly. Our Ink Ball tip uses a simple plug and play liquid ink cartridge. Each box of six cartridges is equal to about two ballpoint refills. A box of ink cartridges costs $3.50. Our average ballpoint sells for $7 - $11. Choose to use your ink converter and a bottle of ink and the expense drops by half again! 

    Options galore! 
    Choose from nearly 30 colors of ink in cartridges or bottles.

    We offer what we believe through our experience to be the finest quality inks sold anywhere. Through extensive in-house testing conducted on extensively used fountain pens returned for clogging, poor flow, and no startup of ink flow, we’ve found our proprietary formula to allow for years of leaving the cap off and instant startup. 

    Independence Ink Ball $205
    Minimalist Ink Ball $99