• Highlighting fans know that bleed through is a big issue. Solved! With this 5.6mm Minimalist pencil, you can choose from green, orange or yellow and never face bleed through on even the thinnest of paper. Also offered is the standard gray graphite refill for artful work like sketch book drawing.

    The Minimalist is made from solid aircraft aluminum and is indestructible. Carry Minimalist in its included USA Made leather pen sheath with confidence. The leather sheath will quickly mold to the exact shape of your pen. Don’t miss the ‘minimalistic’ ball bearings; they keep your trusty pencil from rolling away!

Minimalist Pencil Bright Blue

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  • Overall Size - 5 in. x 1/2 in. (127mm x 13mm)
  • Weight - 35 g
  • Composition - Anodized aluminum
  • Appointments - Steel